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Welcome to Virtualpix

Virtualpix produce 360 x 360 degree virtual tours, primarily in two formats; Viewer (Novotel) and Interactive (Carlton-Jumeirah). The tours are usually produced in landscaped viewers to give the full effect of actually 'being there'. Our designers will also integrate in 2D or 3D Floorplans, sound and further content areas so that our clients benefit form the highest quality of visual internet coverage in their industry.

The 360 Virtual Tours use the latest post IPIX based 360 immersive virtual tour technology. Virtual Tours can be made to either Quicktime VR or Web Based JAVA™ Runtime Plug-in. We recommend JAVA tours due to JAVA being more universal.


International Hotels (eg Carlton, Jumirah, Novotel)
Global Brands (eg Disney, Vodafone)
Commercial Estate Agents (eg Strut & Parker, CDC2020, Watson Wyatt)
Sports Facilities (eg Twickenham, Wimbledon, QPR)
Leading Retailers (eg Turnball & Asser, Arndale Centre)
Educational Establishments: (eg London Business School & Chartered Institute of Marketing)

VirtualPix have produced virtual tours for car show rooms, estate agents, manufacturers, restaurants, gyms, pubs, theatres, exhibitions, campsites, holiday villas, palaces, theme parks, leisure complexes, tourist attractions, county councils, schools, universities, hairdressers, golf courses, swimming pools, warehouses, self storage units and others……

Virtual Tours have been conducted on a global basis from Safaris Lodges in South Africa to Villas in Barbados. VirtualPix head office is in London, UK.

Standard Products

VIEWERS - 360 Virtual Tour Viewers: The 'Virtual Tour' Viewer represents the ideal way to virtual view rooms or scenes. Extra features include Virtual walkthrough using hot spot links, client brand to the base of virtual tour (tripod cap) and branded download viewer.

INTERACTIVE VIEWERS - Interactive Floorplan with 360 Virtual Tour Viewers: The virtual tours interacts with adjacent floor plan and using cutting edge technology shows the virtual tours moving in precise sequence with a panning beam of light on the floor plans.

The Process

The Process to conduct the virtual tours involves one of our four professional virtual tour photographers (and a floorplanner if necessary) physically conducting the photography.

The tours are then produced back in our Head Office in London or on the road by the photography team. A sample link on the VirtualPix server is produced so that the client can view the product.

On approval & receipt of full payment the fully functioning virtual tours and associated code are then emailed or sent by CD to the client / web designer. The client’s web designer can then upload directly on to their server / client’s website (ie no hosting fee). Virtualpix will also host the virtual tours so that the tours can be simply linked to from the client’s site (via a link or embedding). This hosting is free for the first 12 months. Your contact at Virtualpix will liaise with both clients and their web designers to assist throughout the process.

On receipt of full payment the virtual tours ownership changes from Virtualpix to VirtualPix & the client / webdesigner.


Please do not hesitate to call 020 3239 4568 or email to discuss our services and your requirements.